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Napoleon III French Antique Glove or Gants Box withBoulle MOP Inlays

From around 1850 to 1880 it was quite fashionable in France/Paris for well dressed ladies and gentlemen to wear expensive kid leather or crocheted lace gloves. It followed that such lovely and expensive gloves needed a means of safe storage and skilled craftsmen began making elegant and very expensive boxes for that purpose. Called “Gants” […]

Napoleon III Jeweled Box with Working Key

This antique Napoleon III box is adorned with jewels and a porcelain cabochon. It has a working key and the inside has recently been refurbished, so it is very clean and intact. The outside of the box has a lot of detail: a center medallion with a rural painting, four blue agate stones set in […]

Napoleon III Second Empire Boulle Marquetry Ebonized Inlaid Box

This Napoleon III inlaid boulle box is a true masterpiece. It is inlaid with brass, copper, pewter and very small pieces of blue, green and red stone. It has a lock and key and is lined in the original red velvet. The lock is old but works. The inlays are on the top of the […]